Talking Tom and Friends.

Episodes supervisor.

Tom_01         Animated series.

Nut Birds, project in development.


NB_01         Entertainment IP in development.

Ozzy, feature film (2016)


This movie, distributed by Buena Vista International (Disney), represents my first feature film project as director. I was involved in the project since the script development, pre production designs, voices casting and recording, storyboard, etc., till the post production process. Due to my technical background, I had the chance to do a lot of previs sequences, providing that material to the layout team and the editor as guideline, and contributing to save time and production resources. Probably the hardest challenge was finish the movie in the given deadline and budget, using a new and unknown software for most part of the team.


Pocoyo, TV series. (Let's Go)

Co director & director's assistant.

Co directed episodes next to Alfonso Rodriguez in “Nurse Elly” and “Fishing”, and assistant director in “Pocoyo Breakfast” and “Traffic jam”. My role was set up the initial situation from the scripts, drawing the storyboards, developing the animatic and following the rest of the process till the final mix.