Ozzy (2016)

Director 670x360_ozzy_001 "Ozzy represents my first feature film project as director. I was involved in the project since the script development, preproduction designs, storyboard, etc. till the postproduction process. Due to my technical background, I had the chance to do a lot of previz sequences providing them to the layout team and the editor as guideline." .  

Xmas promo, Pocoyo

Director 670x460_pocoyo_001 It was one of those clips where we have the change of experiment with unusual elements in the series styles. In this case, we added some painted backgrounds and a bit of fog.  

Let´s GO Pocoyo

Co- director & Assistant director 670x460_letsgo_001 In this project I had the change to co-director with Alfonso Rodriguez. The chapters “Nurse Elly” and “Fishing” and be the assistant director of al “Pocoyo Breakfast” and “Traffic jam”. My role was focused in set up the initial situation from the scripts, draw the storyboards, carry on with the animatics and follow the rest of the process till the final mix.  

Olimpic Games, Pocoyo

Assistan director 670x460_games_001 Using the Pocoyo’s style, we made a funny tribute for the 2012 Olimpic Games as a assistant director. I worked on some storyboards, animtics and made the revisualization in some complex shots.  

Graduation film in NFTS

Director 670x460_olive_001 My graduation film for “MA Animation Film Director” in the National Film and TV School (U.K.) From a pre-selection of 57 other films, mine was one of the five finalist in the Academy of “Motion Picture Arts and Sciences” In 2009, I received an Honorary Foreign Film awards in the 36th Annual Student Academy Awards competition. Competing with animation and real life films for the final prize. Aside from that, the film had a good acceptance in many other festivals around the world. It is a project concentrated on the story telling techniques, but I also made all the 3D technical steps. Due to legal rights concerns, it is only possible to show a little extract on line.  

The wrong glasses

Director  670x460_glass_001 A multi-awarded short film which represents my first project as a director. I also made all the technical steps like the modelling, shading, textures, character rigs, animatic, animation, lighting, render layers and compositing. The project was selected in many festivals, a winner of many others and broadcasted in TV stations like the BBC in UK and the A3 of Spain.

The Living Forest (2001)


The Living Forest is a 3D animation film made in 2001. In this project, I had the chance to work in the lighting team, preparing the light setup for sequences and shots.

The main challenge was lighting the Maya Fur and Maya Paint Effects in the earliest software versions. After that, I moved to the team focused in split shots of different render layers before the post production. Also, I made some props modelling.